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About Us

Creative. Perceptive. Provocative.
We are Green Rocket Productions.


A close-knit team of expert professionals who bring a depth of knowledge and understanding that can only come from years of creative work, embracing new production techniques and evolving media technology to their full advantage.

Between us we have created over 300 pieces of media for broadcast or internet streaming. So we know what we're doing.


We also know what's important. Or rather who is important.



You have a story to tell, and we can help you tell it bigger and better than you imagined.


Whether it’s epic in scope or small in scale.


Whether it’s for TV or cinema, for streaming on the internet or for a live event.


Whether it’s for an audience of millions or a handful of influencers – it’s your story, and it’s just as important to us as it is to you.

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